Is grow tent necessary in growing cannabis?--- The answer is YES

With global warming become more severe and the outside temperatures too high in summer, protecting your plants from the sun and pests is something every grower needs to consider before grow cannabis. The emergence of planting tents is undoubtedly an epoch-making significance in the cannabis growing industry. In the long run, while your grow tent may represent a significant initial investment, it will save you money and protect your cannabis baby from the outside environment to thrive.


What is a grow tent?

A grow tent, also known as a grow room, gives you the conditions to grow your indoor plants. With a grow tent, you can create a garden ecosystem separate from the rest of the interior space.

It can be used in cupboards, living rooms, bedrooms or garages. There are so many types of tents that you can choose according to the size, the height of your plant and your budget.

The best grow tents are light-tight, waterproof, and often have different ports or openings for electrical access and ventilation. 


The necessity of using grow tents for cannabis cultivation.

  1. Increase Yield of Cannabis

Compared with outdoor growing, the use of growing tents has many advantages. For example, the growing environment of cannabis is more controllable than outdoors, which reduces the damage of many external adverse factors (insufficient light, pest infestation, extreme weather, etc.) to the growth of cannabis. Therefore, growing cannabis by using grow tents can yields more than growing outdoors. This is also an important reason why more and more cannabis growers are turning indoor growing.


  1. Control the Growing Environment

Experienced outdoor cannabis growers know that suffering from a terrible climate is a major obstacle to cannabis cultivation. But with grow tents, you can freely control light, water, temperature and humidity without worrying about uncontrollable variables or factors such as rain, drought or snow,No matter how harsh the weather or external factors, your cannabis can grow in any season.


  1. Prevent Pest Infestations

Whether we're talking about locusts, aphids, mites or other invertebrates or microbes such as molds, bacteria and fungi, infesting crops is the most irritating thing for any growers. However, grow tents allow you to better control pests and insects, because the enclosed design of the grow tent keeps pests out. Also, you can prevent pests/insects by adding pesticides. In fact, as long as you keep the tent closed, the pests won't show up.


  1. Odor Control

Another advantage of grow tents is the ability to control odors. A good grow tent will not only control the growing environment of the cannabis, but also provide you with a good ventilation system. Many grow tents are equipped with air filtration systems that enhance the circulation of clean air in the tent, drawing air from the inside of the grow tent through carbon-activated filters and releasing it outside the tent. If you have ideas to help ventilate your grow tent, make sure you look for a high-efficiency ventilation system with inline fan.


  1. Promote Photosynthesis

A typical grow tent has a reflective polyester film on the inside walls to ensure your cannabis get plenty of good quality light from all angles and no light leaks. This eliminates the problem of brittle and failing stems that can result from not receiving enough light, and can guarantee that every surface of each of your cannabis will receive adequate light. And the tent is "light-proof" or "light-tight", so you can control the light intensity and exposure your cannabis receive.


  1. Durable and Reusable

The fabric or material of the grow tent can also affect the growth of the cannabis inside. The best quality grow tents are made of some kind of heavy duty canvas, such as nylon or polyester. They are durable, can help to better control the internal environment, withstand external adverse intrusions, and can last for a long time.


What should the best grow tent provide?

The best grow tent not only has a sturdy stand and thick material, but also meets the standard of quality.

 Spider Farmer grow tent designed to control light and temperature to create the best growth surroundings for your beloved plants. As a reliable indoor growth partner, adopting a unique 1680D thickness Oxford canvas and Diamond reflective Mylar for higher durability and light-proofing. You can check your plants effortlessly at any time through the viewing window.

 Depending on your crop area, Spider-farmer's growing tents offer 5 sizes for you to choose from, best quality at the most affordable price.