Today, more growers are moving away from traditional HID /HPS and are prefer led grow light?

But what's the best distance between the led light and plants? We have received many questons like this.

Attach the suggestion using tips of Spider Farmer LED, please check.

SF Series Seeding Veg Flower Veg-hanging  FLower-hanging
50%-80% 80%-100% 100% 18"-24" (45-60cm)
18hr on/6 hr off
12"-18" (30-45cm)
12hr on/12hr off
SE Series Seeding Veg Flower Veg-hanging  Flower-hanging
50%-80% 80%-100% 100% above28℃(82.4℉):


Early flower:12-18"(30-45cm)
Mid flower:8-12"(20-30cm)
Late flower:6-10"(15-25cm)

NOTE: It's a suggestion, need adjust according to your plants need.


You can also check the suggestion according to the picture we offered in the product listing. Like the following.